web speed check

5 Finest Web Speed Test Sites to Check Your Internet Speed

web speed check

Running a rate test is the simplest way to track and examine the rate of your internet link. Whether you’ve switched to some other online service provider or are simply curious to understand the rates you are presently getting, a fast speed test goes out of style.

To assist you perform speed tests, we have chosen five of the very best internet speed test sites (including my bad online connection) you can use at the moment.

Web Speed Test Sites

  • Ookla speed evaluation

Ookla speed evaluation is just one of the most popular rate test sites on the market. The site provides an aesthetically pleasing interface using simple representations of your ping, download rate, and upload rate. It permits you to select unique servers to create an extensive analysis.

You may even make an account to keep an eye on your online speed history. Aside from the site, Ookla’s speed evaluation can be found on many different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, AppleTV, and sometimes even CLI. 1 unique facet of Ookla speed evaluation is the fact that it also provides the capability to assess the level of your video streaming encounter, though it’s limited to iOS in the present time.

  • Fast.com

Fast.com is an essential yet handy speed test site from Netflix, an integral participant in the video streaming market. Even though the home page reveals only the download rate, you can click the’Display more information’ button to see different details such as latency, upload rate, customer location, and host. And hey, it is always easy to sort fast.com to develop a fast speed test. In all honesty, this is among the critical reasons why I frequently utilize fast.com over Ookla rate evaluation.

Should you use Google as your main search engine, then you may simply type’speed test’ from the address bar to look at your speed. Additionally, it offers you a concise outline of what you could expect from the internet rate in easy terms.

  • SpeedOf.me

SpeedOf.me is just another fantastic alternative for assessing the speed of your web. Its graphic representation must provide you a much better idea to comprehend the changes of your relationship. You receive the download speed, upload speed, and latency, alongside the maximum rates. You can also download your rate evaluation history as a CSV file from this site. But you can not choose the test server .

  • Testmy.net speed evaluation

Testmy.net gives the choice to individually examine download speed, upload speed, and latency. There is also a joint version to check all of them. What I enjoy about Testmy.net is the insight that it gives. On the evaluation results page, it shows you that the typical online speed on your town, nation, and the entire world. Additionally, it points out just how slow (or fast) your net speed is when compared to the host’s average. Nevertheless, the access to test servers is restricted on this site.

  • TRAI MySpeed

If you are in India, one noteworthy solution is TRAI’s MySpeed program. But you may need to force shut the program after analyzing as it’s desktop activity tracking which may drain your battery. What I enjoy the most about the program is that it reveals the typical speeds from various network operators in your town. In this manner, you can make an educated choice when porting to another network.


Thus, those are the very best internet speed test sites we discovered to check the online speed. Can you use any service that is not listed here? Remember to let us know in the comments. If you discovered your network rate to be slow, then be certain that you check out our post on the strategies to correct slow WiFi rates.

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